Sicily Regional Authority and Sicily Regional Rural and Territorial Department promoted the realization of a Geocaching project in some Naturalistic Reserves of Sicily.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity, a game, but above all an exciting activity that combines the classic treasure hunt with modern technology offered by GPS units and Smartphones Apps. 
Geocaching was born in 2000 in the United States, when the Clinton Administration removed the Selective Availability, which was the signal that disturbed the civilian GPS compromising their accuracy.

The basic idea of Geocaching is really simple: some people, single or groups (the hiders) hide containers (the caches) somewhere around the world, usually in special places (historical, artistic, naturalistic points of interest), taking the geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) using a GPS. These coordinates are then announced on the official website In this way the finders (the seekers) can use the coordinates to find these "treasures” and at the same time they can discover the area and its beauties.

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