Brave baby at GeoTour!

Rikitan (Matus) and Adushka (Andrea) are an enthusiastic geocaching couple, living in Bratislava, Slovakia. Rikitan discovered the world of Geocaching in 2005 and once he met Adushka in 2008, they have never left home without a GPS unit. They both love hiking, cycling and photography, they use to spent every single weekend outdoors, in the mountains. After wedding in 2013, in summer of 2016 their hiking lifestyle has changed a bit, as they became three with baby girl Dita (geocaching nickname ban_dita – which means “gangster”). In the same time, Rikitan was named to the role of volunteer reviewer for Slovakia and now is wondering where all his free time has gone.

How did you decide to make Sicily GeoTour?
In the past we were going on holidays exclusively to mountains (including Julian Alps in 2013 and Dolomites in 2014). With 1 year old baby we had to switch our preferences for less adventurous countryside, but hiking in beautiful nature is still our priority. We live close to Bratislava airport, that offer cheap Ryanair flights to Trapani – this was second important reason to decide for Sicily. And when we opened Geocaching map, seeing Sicily GeoTour, we were ready to pack our bags. A bit afraid of travelling with the baby, but flight took only 2 hours and she slept like an angel from take-off almost till the landing.

Was this your first time in Sicily?
Yes, we’ve never been here before. It was a good choice, we spent great time here. It was good decision to come here in early May for hiking, when forests are still fresh and green. Maybe next time we’ll come in early October, to avoid extreme temperatures and enjoy still warm sea. It was still too cold this time, but we could spend more time hiking and geocaching. And this was our first ever GeoTour indeed, so it will be remembered forever.

The best cache in this GeoTour?
We did not visited all the caches of this GeoTour, but we attempted fair portion of them – 29 (found 27). It is very difficult to pick the best one, because all of them are on fairly equal level of good quality – solid boxes in good conditions, on interesting spots, with informative listings. I really enjoyed visit and from Torre di San Giovanni (GC60VPQ), we were alone there on the coast in perfect weather, we felt like guards of our private tower above the sea.

The most adventurouse cache of this GeoTour?
Without doubt it was distant cave Grotta del Romito (GC60XQ9) in nature reserve Bosco della Ficuzza. Terrain started to be quite challenging on the trail under the cave. Baby Dita was sleeping in the carrier, tied to Rikitan, therefore Adushka climbed up to the cave. It felt like forever until she came back, unlucky without the find. So she took care of Dita and I climbed up there. I found amazing place with genius loci, wonderful view and geological surprise, I rather not tell you what – go and see it on your own. Then I was looking everywhere for the cache, without spoiler photo, because we have forgotten to download it upfront. This kind of DNF does not feel bad to me, because it was fun to search at such a nice place. I “collected” and logged in my geocaching carrier more than 1000 DNFs and this one belongs to most valuable ones.

A funny things that happened to you during this GeoTour?
It was quite weird and funny to meet big bus on the narrow, gravel road up in the mountains of Ficuzza (near cache Invito a Rocca Busambra). Another day, while hiking around Monte Cofano, and logging trail of SGT caches on the way, suddenly appeared logs from the same day in logbooks. We realized that other caching couple is going in opposite way and we met them without knowing each other. Later that day we met them for a second time, as we both were finishing our round-tours around Cofano. Adushka briefly chatted with this Dutch couple, it was very nice meetup. Best finds are other geocachers.

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