Discovering Sicily with Sicily GeoTour

Virginie is a schoolteacher and Aurélien is a fireman and they are a couple a french geocachers that like travelling and discovering beautiful places. They have been geocaching since October 2015 as Ladysb e Micmacdemots & C. and till now they found 556 caches. They visited Sicily and almost completed the SicilyGeoTour.

How did you decide to do Sicily GeoTour?
We had decided to spend 15 days in Sicily. The first week, we sailed around the Aeolian Islands and the second week we made a tour of Sicily but on earth: Palerme, Trapani, Agrigento, Syracuse, Aciréale.While looking for the best noted hiding places we spotted those of the géotour. As we like hiking, we have were happy to see that the geocaches of Sicily GeoTour were in the natural Reserves.

Have ever been in this places before?
It was our 1st time in Sicily and it also was our 1st to géotour.

The most beautiful cache during Sicily GeoTour?
All the caches were placed in magnificent places. Aurélien preferred the caches of the Zingaro reserve and his creeks. Virginie adored Ficuzza reserve, with wide landscapes and the small village of Ficuzza. We regret we had not time enough to discover all the caches at Ficuzza.

The most adventurous cache?
The caches at Ficuzza were the most adventurous because we made them by foot, it was very long, but so beautiful!

A funny episode happened during this GeoTour?
We shall not speak about funny moments, but rather of very nice moments! The meeting with the guard of the fire protection at Portella di vento (a magnificent view) which asks us if we look for the treasure! He spoke only Italian then not always easy to understand but with gestures we could understand each others! A very nice meeting!