Brave baby at GeoTour!

Rikitan (Matus) and Adushka (Andrea) are an enthusiastic geocaching couple, living in Bratislava, Slovakia. Rikitan discovered the world of Geocaching in 2005 and once he met Adushka in 2008, they have never left home without a GPS unit. They both love hiking, cycling and photography, they use to spent every single weekend outdoors, in the mountains. After wedding in 2013, in summer of 2016 their hiking lifestyle has changed a bit, as they became three with baby girl Dita (geocaching nickname ban_dita – which means “gangster”). In the same time, Rikitan was named to the role of volunteer reviewer for Slovakia and now is wondering where all his free time has gone. Continue reading

GeoTour addicted!

Birgit and Eric are a couple and they come from Austria. It was Birgit to discover geocaching some years ago, while reading a romance! Out of curiosity she googled ‘geocaching’ and she found out a new world. Biggi131 is Birgit and Eric’s shared geocaching account. Continue reading

From Slovenia to Sicily

Borut and Damjana comes from Ljubljana, Slovenia. In Geocaching world they are known as Ridler & Cmokica. They started caching at the beginning of 2013 when they found their first cache, not far from home. Since then, they have become one of the most active cachers in their country. They were both outdoor and travel enthusiasts before so Geocaching fitted perfectly into their lifestyle. They like to travel around the world, sightseeing, Geocaching and looking for new adventures. Continue reading

Discovering Sicily with Sicily GeoTour

Virginie is a schoolteacher and Aurélien is a fireman and they are a couple a french geocachers that like travelling and discovering beautiful places. They have been geocaching since October 2015 as Ladysb e Micmacdemots & C. and till now they found 556 caches. They visited Sicily and almost completed the SicilyGeoTour. Continue reading

Zen GeoTour!

Philippe and Helga are two geocachers from Brussels, Belgium. Together they are DeepPurple team with almost 2.700 found caches. It was their first time in Sicily, attracted by the idea to do Sicily GeoTour. They tell us their experience, in which there is also something zen. Continue reading