From Slovenia to Sicily

Borut and Damjana comes from Ljubljana, Slovenia. In Geocaching world they are known as Ridler & Cmokica. They started caching at the beginning of 2013 when they found their first cache, not far from home. Since then, they have become one of the most active cachers in their country. They were both outdoor and travel enthusiasts before so Geocaching fitted perfectly into their lifestyle. They like to travel around the world, sightseeing, Geocaching and looking for new adventures.

How did you decide to do Sicily GeoTour?
The decision was made when we choose the Sicily to be the destination for our next holidays. We always try to incorporate some quality caching into our travels and visiting the GeoTour was an exciting experience.

Have you ever been in this places before?
This was our first visit to Sicily, so all the places we visited during the GeoTour were new to us.

The most beautiful cache during Sicily GeoTour?
It’s always hard to choose only one cache. We enjoyed the path that goes around Monte Cofano, also because it was a really nice sunny day and the trail gave us some nice views to the surroundings.

The most adventurous cache?
The most adventurous cache was actually a DNF. As we came close to the GC60XQK we noticed some workers around the area. We didn’t want them to pay attention to us, so we were trying to be as stealth as possible, discretly searching around the wall, acting like we’re taking pictures and using all the other tricks we learned to avoid muggles. The problem was that even after extended search we haven’t been able to locate the cache and there are a lot of hiding places, so eventually they got aware of us. When they started giving us strange looks, we decided it’s time to leave with a DNF…

A funny episode happened during this GeoTour?
A funniest thing that happened to us was when we arrived in village Ficuzza, we noticed there were some closed roads, so we had to make some detours while trying to approach the GC60XPQ cache. In the moment we were trying to approach the area from the NW, a neverending crowd of people dressed in sports clothing started to walk towards us. We got stuck in our car at the side of the road for about 20 minutes and all the people walking past were giving us funny looks while we were laughing inside the car. We later found out the final event for World Orienteering Cup has just ended and the crowd were all of the competitors walking towards their buses to take them to their accomodations in Palermo.


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