Ortensia in Sicily

Ortensia is an Italian word meaning Hydrangea flower and it’s an Italian family team from Brescia. Till now they have almost 400 founds and at the end of August 2016 they visited the Sicily GeoTour.

Why in Sicily?
This year, we decided to spend our holidays in Sicily attracted by the idea to visit the wonderful places of Sicily GeoTour.

Tell us some funny events that happened during this GeoTour
We started from Zingaro Reserve, that we already knew and visited in the past, but this year we appreciated it more because of the geocaches. It was very funny because in the previous logs we read that the rangers were cooperative and helpful with geocachers. We went in Zingaro Reserve through the South Entrance and as the temperatures were hot, we hiked along the trail without other stops but the caches. Once we reached the North Entrance, while we were looking for the cache, we noticed that 2 rangers were staring at us, smiling and in silence. Then they asked us: “Are you part of the group?” We began to talk with them about geocaching as they were interested to know more about those strange people who search for things and one of them asked us to show him the Geocaching App. We did it, but unfortunately his gps was not accurate and the App did not work well.An other funny thing happened while searching for the geocache “Casa Forestale”. We were looking for a palm tree and we went out of the path when another ranger asked us: “Why are you left the path?” We replied that it was not as he might have thought…no, it was not because we were looking for a natural toilet, but it was just for playing reasons. The ranger immediately understood and was pleased to took us to the cache and even to show us the hiding place!

And then?
The second step was dedicated to the hiking at Mount Cofano Reserve, starting from Cornino/Scurati. What to say, the path along the sea is wonderful, much less challenging and less crowded than Zingaro. We stopped at Tonnara Tower and we are grateful to the owner to have placed the last cache at the beginning of Sentiero Scaletta, as it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon of a very hot day. we liked a lot Mangiapane Grotto, it’s a shame we cannot visiti t in December. The cache The lovers is a wonderful surprise we had at the first lights of the day. The we liked the cache Signs of life dedicated to The Bart geocacher: we did not know him, but we understood he was a special person.

What about Ficuzza Reserve?
Even the road that takes to Ficuzza was quiete an adventure along Corleone Valley and than along the little roads of the Reserve with our camper van. We enjoyed the guided visit inside the real Casina di Caccia, a royal palace in the middle of the wood, with the private chapel and the galleries in which there is an interesting collection of flowers, seeds of the local vegetation. We would have liked to stay more time in Ficuzza, but our 15 years old son wanted to go to the sea. The little lake Coda di Riccio is a silent and pure biodiversity oasis that is really worth a visit.