Sicily GeoTour FTF!

The FTF of Sicily GeoTour is Janko42, a lively and pleasant geocacher-retiree. He is a curious spirit that lives the adventure with carefreeness, even an unknown adventure as the Geotour could be. When his geocacher friend Geppo informed him about Sicily Geotour launch, he did not know exactly what a GeoTour was. He asked Geppo, but he received an answer “that seems to me that also you Geppo have an unclear idea of it“. Janko42’s Geotour begins when a German geocacher “steals” him 7 FTF in the Zingaro Reserve and Monte Cofano Reserve. “Damn! He wrote that he stopped with 7 FTF because he wanted to leave to others the pleasure of the first to find. The truth is that he left away the three most difficult caches, not because he was good-hearted. ” But all the FTF at Ficuzza Reserve belong to him, all sweated from the first to the fifteenth … “I was so tired that I made 10 selfies before getting the good one.” Janko42 lives in Ciampino, not to be confused with Rome. “Ciampino is Ciampino, Rome in another thing.” Geocacher since 2008 with a past hobby as birdwatcher. He has almost 4,300 founds. Passionate about travels, with his camping van he goes around Europe, Greece and Italy. Technology lover, if you ask him which is the best GPS he will tell you it’s Garmin 62 because the antenna makes the difference! We do not know his age, but the feeling is that with his desire for adventure he eats many twienties. He eats and tastes them like pasta with mushroom of Ficuzza.

Janko42, how did you decide to do Sicily GeoTour?
I was going to Sicily, with my camping van, to visit a niece in Sciacca. On September 30th, I received a message from my geocacher friend Geppo informing me about the Sicily GeoTour launch. So I decided to move from Sciacca to San Vito lo Capo and start caching in Zingaro and Monte Cofano Reserves.

How many days did you dedicate to Sicily GeoTour?
7 days. 2 days in Zingaro, 2 days in Monte Cofano and 3 days in Ficuzza. In Ficuzza the bad weather made me slow down the search. At the beginning I wanted to do only Zingaro and Monte Cofano Reserves, then I was intrigued and I decided to move to Ficuzza.

How did you arrive in Sicily?
By boat from Naples to Palermo and then I moved with my camping van.

Have you ever visited these places before?
No. I had heard about Zingaro Reserve, but never been. I did not know the other Reserves.

The best cache of this GeoTour?
SGT-Laghetti Coda di Riccio (GC60XPE) at Ficuzza. For two reasons: instead of reaching this cache with the camping van I got there by foot from Pulpito del Re cache. A nice walk in the forest. On the way I saw so many animal tracks and I love forests full of fauna. I was also lucky to find porcino mushrooms that I cooked the same evening with pasta. I really enjoyed that meal!

The most adventurous cache?
SGT- Grotta del Romito (GC60XQ9) at Ficuzza. I did not see the difficulty of the terrain in advance (it’s a T4!) and I realized it was difficult while caching. Because of the rain the ground became slippery and several times I had to remove the mud from my boots before reaching the destination. But if I knew the difficulty of the terrain in advance I probably would have not dared to reach this cache.

How was this Sicily GeoTour?

Some pictures by Janko42: