When the GeoTour goes green – white – red – black – yellow

In March 2016 a very determined German-Italian couple completed the Sicily Geotour. In two days! (Yes, two days, when normally three days are necessary, e.d.). Let’s know them!
Sabrina (geocaching nickname: Schlauchen) comes from the pretty town of Helmbrechts in northern Bavaria, where she works as tax advisor. Ivan (geocaching nickname: Ravestorm) is a SAP programmer/consultant from Ferrara (Italy). They have done geocaching since 2008. They knew each other thanks to EuroBillTracker, a strange online game where you draw banknotes hoping that someone else will do the same and in this way you can track them. To celebrate Ravestorm’s # 250 cache, Schlauchen took him in Stonehenge, the log the Earth Cache “The riddle of the stones”( GC1ANET now archived).

How did you decide to do SicilyGeoTour ?
Schlauchen: it has been ages that Ravestorm wanted to visit Sicily. I wanted to go to a farest destination, but we liked the idea of a Geotour and we said “Why going very far if there are nearer beauties?”
Ravestorm: I always was interested to visit Sicily, I have always heard such good things about this land. Then, we also have a friend that lives in Palermo to which we promised a visit. That’s why we decided to go there.

So, you never visited these places, havent you?
Schlauchen: Never and I knew there was not much to visit in Sicily, but Etna volcan.

The most beautiful cache of this Geotour?
Schlauchen: difficult question. There are several beautiful caches. I really enojoyed Zingaro Reserve. It is a wonderful area, green grass, blue sea, white beaches, brown hiking trails, gray rocks. I took many pictures.
Ravestorm: also for me the tour at Zingaro was very impressive. We walked in Monte Cofano Reserve after Zingaro, in the same day and maybe we were too tired to fully appreciate it. In Monte Cofano Reserve we made a race against time, because at the evening it was getting dark early. If I have to choose the most beautiful cache I would say “Museum of Maritime Activities” (GC60VTJ) because after the log we went down to the little beach. Crystal clear water, the sun and nobody around us made a magic atmosphere. Schlauchen went into the cold water, but, you know, she is German! Another cache that I really appreciated was Peschiera del Re (GC60XQK) in Ficuzza Reserve. I do not know why. Maybe it was the whole context, the pond, the coniferous forest, the grazing cows, the ruins of the fishpond… it seemed to me to be on the Alps instead in Sicily. Or maybe because of the tame cows we met here: they were so different from the hungry cows that chased me in England, avoiding me to look for the cache!

The most adventurous cache?
Schlauchen: surely the climb to Grotta del Romito in Ficuzza Reserve (GC60XQ9)! I’m happy to be still alive, after all that mud and slippery rocks!
Ravestorm: I agree with Schlauchen. The terrain was very difficult and muddy and climbing up there it was quite a challange.
Schlauchen: also the cache Capreria ( GC60XPK ) in Ficuzza was quite an adventure. If you do not read the listing and you blindly trust in OpenStreetMaps you find yourself in the middle of the bushes!

A funny episode happened to you during this GeoTour?
Schlauchen: the owner of our B&B in Palermo kept repeating us: “Why are you going to Ficuzza, there is noting to see there. Go to Mondello (a famous beach near Palermo, e.d.)”. So throughout the day we were in Ficuzza Reserve, when there was something impressive to see, we repeated: “There is nothing to see!”
Ravestorm: when we were looking for the first cache in Ficuzza a dog followed us (there is also a picture of me with the dog) . Then we lost him when we went back to the car.
Schlauchen: actually we lost him at the café where we ate something in order to receive the banknotes for EuroBillTracker and where I tasted a fabulous Sicilian ricotta cake. I would go back for that right now!