Zen GeoTour!

Philippe and Helga are two geocachers from Brussels, Belgium. Together they are DeepPurple team with almost 2.700 found caches. It was their first time in Sicily, attracted by the idea to do Sicily GeoTour. They tell us their experience, in which there is also something zen.

How did you decide to do Sicily GeoTour?
From time to time, we look at the GeoTour list on geocaching.com. A few months ago, we have seen this new one in Sicily. So, we looked on the internet how to prepare the trip, found some beautiful lodging and decided for two places, one on the east side, in Marina di Ragusa, where we had ten lovely days caching and visiting the baroque cities. And one near Alcamo, just at mid distance from the different parks of the Sicilian Geotour. We had ten days in Alcamo, and spent five searching for the GeoTour caches. Beside the GeoTour caches, we have visited other interesting places like Erice and Mazara del Vallo, where we have found two FTF.

Have ever been in this places before?
No, it was our first time in Sicily, and it has been a really wonderful trip. But it is our second GeoTour, the first one was in Austria and we needed six weeks to accomplish it.

The most beautiful cache in Sicily GeoTour?
The caches in Monte Cofano are really fantastic. It is less crowded than Zingaro, and the views are marvelous. We stayed for one hour on the bench under the fig tree near Passo della Zita (GC60VP2). An incredible Zen experience!

The most adventurous cache?
Most of the caches around Ficuzza are rather adventurous, as you have to travel on gravel roads. Nothing dangerous, we could approach all the caches with our 2WD car, but you have to stay awake and to drive very slowly.

A funny episode happened during this GeoTour?
The first time we wanted to drive from Alcamo to Ficuzza, we took the shortest way, through the mountains. According to Google Maps, it would take 1h22. Practically, we drove about 2h30, to make 55 km… because the mountain roads are mostly gravel roads and that we had to follow a wagon full of hay for kilometers… To come back to Palermo, we took the motorway via Palermo, a little bit longer, but much faster.